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Business & Immigration Experts

Whether you want to move or just do business in the USA, Negocios.US will be there for you. Buying a business or franchise could qualify you for an E2, L1, or EB5 Visa in the USA.

Our team of experts will guide you through all you business needs in the USA.

Business Broker

Negocios.US is an international network of business brokers who are professionally engaged in the buying and selling of ongoing businesses and franchises, as well as consulting services to buyers, investors, entrepreneurs and Franchises.

We have an international network of professionals serving more than 3000 clients. If you are a foreign investor trying to move to the USA, then you've come to the right place.

US Work Visa Programs

Our team of immigration attorneys and paralegals will help with your Visa Application to make sure you get approved to stay in the USA. We focus on E2, L1, and EB5 Visa programs for quick results.

Franchise Broker

Franchises are a secure and comfortable investment for a foreign investor. Not knowing the US Business Standards and Tax Codes, a Franchise may be the perfect fit for you. Pick the right franchise and you will have the perfect road map to success in the USA.

Franchises and US Visas

Did you know that franchises are the perfect solution to obtaining your E2 or L1 Visa Status in the USA. Just ask us how. Search our database for the best in franchising solutions.


Comprehensive database of business for you to purchase in the USA.


Our Franchise Division can help you to better understand your options and even refer you to third party lenders who understand and deal with Franchise Funding each and every day.

Real Estate

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Get your VIsa to the US and buy a business here at the same time.

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