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EB-5 Visa Program

For foreign nationals with the necessary capital, the EB-5 Program can be an excellent way to obtain permanent resident status in the USA. This allows the investor and his or her immediate family to live, study, work, and retire anywhere in the United States. The minimum investment for the EB-5 Program is $500,000. This will increase to $800,000 in 2017.

Upon making a qualifying investment and receiving approval from USCIS, an EB-5 investor, his or her spouse, and any unmarried children under age 21 will be granted conditional permanent residence. Two years later, if the investment has proven to meet the program’s requirements, the investor and his or her family will have the conditions removed from their residency status. Five years after first receiving conditional permanent resident status, they can become naturalized citizens.

  • Benefits of the EB-5
  • Fastest method to gain permanent residency in the USA
  • Also applies to your spouse and children under the age of 21
  • Allows you to live or work freely anywhere in the continental USA
  • Education benefits such as access to public elementary, middle, and high-school schools
  • Potential for U.S. Citizenship after minimum 5 years of established permanent residency in the U.S
  • Approved EB-5 Projects
  • If you are interested in investing in an EB-5 Project for your Visa Status, your investment must be approved by the USCIS Immigration Department as EB-5 approved. You may also choose to invest in a EB-5 Regional Center. Click below for more information.
  • Invest in existing EB-5 Regional Centers
  • Convert your project to an EB-5 Regional Center

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