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Zaniac Learning


  • Liquid Capital required
  • Franchise Fee
  • Total invesment
    $35,000 - $125,000


  • Category:
    Children and After Care
  • Financing:
  • Training:


  • Incorporated Name:
    Zaniac Learning
  • Total Units:
  • Year Founded:
  • Started Franchising:
  • Why Choose Zaniac Learning
  • Join us in our mission to get kids worldwide engaged in math and technology, providing them with the skills and motivation to create a better future.  The Zaniac model provides franchise owners with outstanding training, tools, service and support, helping them build successful businesses and make a real difference in their communities.
  • As a franchise owner, you will change the lives of K-8 students and their families in your community while building a technology-driven, profitable business. Proprietary K-8 Curriculum includes Zane Math, Computer Programming, Robotics, Minecraft, Chess and much more! Let’s get started!

At Zaniac, we create a unique environment that focuses on hands-on, creativity-based learning that is actually fun for kids. Unlike other tutoring businesses that focus solely on “catching up”, Zaniac is focused on enrichment, or “getting ahead”.

Zaniac gets kids engaged and excited about learning– kids never want to leave Zaniac!

Although the first Zaniac Campus opened in 2013, Zaniac began in 1975 at the University of Pennsylvania when 20-year-old graduate student Paul Zane Pilzer built an interactive “teaching machine” on a mainframe computer. Pilzer realized back then that technology could one day make great education affordable for everyone, the same way that phonographs and movie projectors had made great entertainment affordable for everyone. Pilzer went on to become a world-famous economist, NYU college professor, New York Times bestselling author, white house official and social entrepreneur. But it was only when he and his wife had their own four children that they realized the need for Zaniac – a place K-8 students would want to learn how to build video games instead of just playing video games!

As part of Zaniac’s family as a franchise owner, you will receive support in a number of different areas:

  • The Zaniac cloud-based franchisee operating systems manages your business online including marketing, sales, enrollment, billing, customized curriculum, and daily reporting to parents.
  • Operational Support – every element of the Zaniac business model is structured, process-driven and organized for successful replication, allowing your business to be run by high school and college student instructors. You will have our support every step of the way.
  • Marketing Support – our processes, messaging, national marketing platforms and proven business development works to get parents and families in your market seeing the opportunity for their children with the Zaniac method and ultimately driving revenue to your business. 
  • Purchasing Support – you will have group buying power as part of the Zaniac family when it comes to your advertising, material and supply purchases. 
  • Accounting and Legal Support – a team of experienced business professionals will be with you every step of the way. 
  • Ongoing Research and Development – a dedicated team of education professionals and brilliant minds are behind the Zaniac model working on your behalf to come up with tomorrow’s best K-8 education curriculum. 


As a Zaniac Franchisee, Your Training Will Include:

  • 3-5 days of training at Zaniac’s HQ in Utah beginning approximately 6-8 weeks before the franchise is scheduled to open for business
  • 2 days of training at your location to get your business started
  • 2 sessions per year, which can be up to 2 days of refresher/update training or meetings in each session
  • Ongoing support and guidance in building and operating your business


As a part of Zaniac you will be given an exclusive territory of 50,000-75,000 in population. Zaniac is always looking for expansion opportunities in new markets!

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