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Sell My Franchise

  • Operational Franchises Are Worth A Lot Of Money
  • If you’ve gone through the trouble of building a franchise, your franchise business could be worth a ton of money. We have buyers that want to buy operational franchises because they don’t have the time or energy to start from scratch. Let us see what you’re franchise is worth now.
  • How much is your franchise worth?
  • What is the profit on first day new owner takes over after you’ve sold your business?
  • Instant eligibility to obtain VISA since company has a history of employees and income generated
  • How Much Is My Franchise Worth?
  • Negocios.US will help you determine the value of your business in today’s market. Contact us today for a business evaluation.Here are some things we will need from you:
  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Owner’s draw
  • Tax Returns for previous years
  • 6 months of Bank Statements

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Negocios.US is a business brokerage firm that is dedicated to helping foreign nationals with their business and immigration needs in the USA. Whether you want to do business in the USA or live in the USA, we can help.

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