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How A Franchise Can Get You A US Visa

Purchasing a franchise is a fast and easy way for you and your family to move to the USA. Franchises usually offer more stability and security to a foreign investor doing business in the USA for the first time. Below we’ll discuss the Work Visa Options available as well as the highlights of each Visa Type. SEARCH OUR BUSINESS LISTINGS

  • Buy A Franchise
  • For immigration purposes, buying a franchise may be your best option. Because a franchise already has systems, procedures, and operations already in place, managing is usually easier. A franchise would most likely qualify for the E2 or L1 Visa. Below are some other great reasons to buy a franchise.
  • Proven Concept – Buying an established franchise is less risky – a franchise has process or concept that work.
  • Brand – You’re buying a brand name. Better Marketing Efforts.
  • E-2 Visa
  • The E2 is one of the best investor visas available. There is currently no quota or annual cap, so E2 visas are unlimited in the number available.
  • The E2 visa is typically issued for two or five year periods.
  • The E2 can be renewed indefinitely as long as the investor is running the business and it generates “more than enough revenue” to support the investor’s family.
  • The E2 visa also covers the investor’s spouse and children under age 21.
  • Who typically uses the E2 Investor Visa?
  • Investors who want to purchase a franchise or small business in the USA
  • People who want to retire in America.
  • Real estate investors
  • L-1 Visa
  • The L-1 visa is a temporary non-immigrant visa which allows companies to relocate foreign qualified employees to its U.S. subsidiary or parent company. It’s a great way for small business owners in a foreign country to establish residency in the USA.
    • Advantages of L-1 Visa
    • Allows you to live in the USA and work Legally
    • Travel in and out of the USA with no limitations
    • Visa also allows your wife and children (under the age of 21) to live in the USA
    • No annual quota on number of L-1 Visas issued

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