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  • There are many advantages of buying a franchise. In many ways, it’s even better than starting your own business. Here’s everything a franchise should be.
  • Proven Concept – A product or service that you know works well.
  • Brand – Many franchises offer strong brand name recognition. Usually this is because of positive advertising.
  • Systems and Procedures – Business guidelines and procedures are already in place that you know will work. No learning curve.
  • Advertising and Marketing – Franchises usually all pool their marketing money together to build a better marketing power.
  • US Business Rules – If you do not know US Business and Tax regulations, a franchise may be your best bet. Operations Manuals will make it easier for a foreign investor to operate in the USA.
  • Business in a Box – Starting a business from scratch is hard. Franchises are usually plug and play. They come with instructions.
  • Investment Visa – An existing franchise is great for non-residents to establish their work visas and residency in the USA. Learn More
  • Below are some of our most popular franchises in the USA. Click on any to learn how you can buy a franchise and live in the USA.
  • TaxLeaf – A business and personal accounting franchise that delivers monthly residual income and yearly tax income.
  • Farofa – A sizzling new Brazilian Steakhouse that offers fast food and high quality cuisine.
  • Contador America – An accounting business that works with the latin american and spanish/portuguese speaking communities.
  • Mi Monseratte – A taste of Columbia with a fast-food twist.
  • Postal Connections – For your everyday shipping and office supply needs.
  • Living Insured – Everybody needs insurance. Great residual income.
  • One of the fastest ways to move to the USA is through a work visa. Learn how owning a franchise and an investment of $100,000 or more could help you with your US Visa.
  • E2 Visa – Must have treat with your country. Minimum investment of $100,000.
  • L1 Visa – Must own business in your home country. Minimum investment of $100,000
  • EB5 Visa – Minimum $500,000 investment into a US Approved EB5 Investment. Better way if you want a Green Card.

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Negocios.US is a business brokerage firm that is dedicated to helping foreign nationals with their business and immigration needs in the USA. Whether you want to do business in the USA or live in the USA, we can help.

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